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Medical Weight Loss Plans in Marietta, Georgia/DOCTOR TESTED & DOCTOR APPROVED/ with Weight Loss of 5-8 lbs. per WEEK with YOUR Personal Plan

***And, Maintenance of your New Weight after your Medical Weight Loss Plan is Complete!                   ***A Complete, Safe Medical Weight Loss Individualized Plan to make YOUR Journey to Whole Wellness Successful and Complete

*Varying Medical Weight Loss Plans Available…No One Medical Weight Loss Plan Fits All…Please Come in For YOUR Free Medical Weight Loss Evaluation and leave with YOUR Own complete Medical Weight Loss plan tailor made just for YOU!

*HCG Used for Several of the Medical Weight Loss Plans offered from only $140…available in injectable, oral drops, and dissolvable tabs…based upon your preference for your Medical Weight Loss Plan.

*B-12 with Methionine, Inositol, and Choline by Injection to give you more energy and to aid tremendously, too, in your medical weight loss plan. And, Dr. Holland will personally meet with you and give you every injection herself  and be seeing you all along the way from the time you begin YOUR Weight Loss Plan that she helps design for YOU specifically to achieve success in weight loss and in maintenance, because she has been there herself and understands the importance of maintaining weight loss.

QSYMIA, the Newest Weight Loss Medication is NOW being prescribed by Dr. Holland!

*Other Rx as needed for appetite suppression to aid you in your medical weight loss, such as Phentermine.

*Accountability through Diaries of Food, Emotions, & Activities to help lose the weight and maintain the weight loss with your Individualized Medical Weight Loss Plan.

* FDA MEDICAL EQUIPMENT to decrease YOUR CELLULITE…YOU will feel a difference after your first 50 minute session…See the Doctor’s Show Episode Below on these FDA Dermasonic Medical Treatments that we are pleased to offer here at In HIS Image Day Spa,LLC as part of your own personal medical weight loss plan and needs.

The Doctor’s Show Episode on Cellulite Medical FDA Dermasonic Treatments…Please click on the link below.

*FDA Cellulite Medical Dermasonic Treatments to use on those places that carry extra cellulite:  abdomen, thighs, upper arms, under chin/neck jowl area, an important adjunctive treatment to your Medical Weight Loss Program.    See further info on dermasonic cellulite reduction on this site from a feature on  The Doctor’s Show as shown at green link above.

*INTRODUCING OUR INFRARED SAUNA, JUST AS FEATURED ON THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW with Dr. Oz, burn 300-400 calories in 20 minutes with the Sunlighten Infrared Sauna* an option for your own medical weight loss plan…begin YOUR Journey Now!

*Please see this site highlighted in yellow link for info from The Doctor’s Show on Infrared

Please do look at  the above links to read of the truly awesome benefits of infrared Sauna & cellulite reduction to learn more about the various aspects of our Medical Weight Loss Programs here at     In HIS Image Day Spa, LLC and Georgia Weight Loss for You.

*Please Note that Infrared Sauna Sessions, Dermasonic Cellulite Reduction Sessions, and Body Wrap Services all may be purchased as individual services at the spa or in package format themselves OR may be purchased as part of an entire personalized weight loss plan put together just for you by Dr. Holland herself. More Savings if purchased as part of a whole weight loss package or if purchased as a package of unique services, such as a package of 10 Infrared Sauna Services. We are here for YOU and YOUR JOURNEY, so please do not hesitate to ask questions so we can provide YOU with the services that you want to achieve YOUR BEST on Your Life’s Journey. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it.


AMY J. HOLLAND, MD has studied numerous medical weight loss plans and has tried many herself.  Dr. HOLLAND, our medical director, has found the combination of the above resources is the WAY to a New Slimmer YOU successfully and safely.  After seeing her results with the HCG, B12 injections, Infrared Sauna and Dermasonic treatments that she placed together at varying places for herself to reduce weight at a rate of 5 plus pounds per week, she wanted to share this with her patients and every one that struggles with weight loss. This vision led her to the medical weight loss plans offered herein to give you a successful rate loss of 5-8 lbs. per week.

Please Call In HIS Image Day Spa, LLC at 770-422-0047 to schedule YOUR  MEDICAL WEIGHT LOSS CONSULTATION ($250 and will be applied toward purchase of any Weight Loss program).  A complete medical evaluation including measurement of Body Mass Index will be performed at the Evaluation and details of the varying programs will be discussed.  DR. Holland has put together the ULTIMATE MEDICAL WEIGHT LOSS PLAN which is the plan she formulated for herself which uses ALL of the modalities above, however, she is aware others may need some variation on her weight loss plan, for example if already on medication perhaps only the cellulite reduction plan, or JUST the HCG for another individual. She will work with YOU to find your way to SLENDER and the BEST Medical Weight Loss Plan for You to achieve the results that you want and to maintain the weight loss,too. Please Note Health Savings Accounts may be utilized to pay for services as this is a Medical Spa with all assessments and follow up with the physician.

NOW Is the TIME to begin YOUR RACE for Medical Weight Loss to Wellness.  Whole Wellness includes a normal weight, an aesthetic appeal, and a positive attitude and mood.  Many just can’t quite achieve the BEST MOOD because of their Weight Issues…It takes a Whole Wellness Approach to reach that level of confidence and self esteem which are critical factors in one’s overall mood and attitude…We are here for you and you can begin a journey of safe medical weight loss averaging 5-8 lbs.per week!  Call or stop by In HIS Image Day Spa, LLC 707 Whitlock Ave. H9 Upstairs, Marietta, Ga 30064 // Phone: 770-422-0047  Fax: 770-422-2049 and visit our other websites:

So if YOU are considering a Medical Weight Loss Program, LOOK NO FURTHER than Georgia Weight Loss For You at In HIS Image Day Spa, LLC because we are here for YOU as an Individual looking at YOUR Medical Weight Loss Needs as well as YOUR maintenance of your new weight after your medical weight loss plan here at In HIS Image Day Spa.

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